With the recent onset of winter and associated frosts, if you haven’t already got your plants protected from the extreme cold, you can still do so with a NetPro Frost Cloth.

Based in Stanthorpe, the coldest town in Queensland, our staff have the experience and knowledge to give you the right advice when it comes to protecting your plants from frost and unwanted bugs. For your convenience we have published the more frequently asked questions and answers below.

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What is it made from?

Frost-cloth is a non-woven spun-bonded polypropylene or polyethylene fabric with a tissue-like appearance.  Frost cloth is biodegradable but has no UV protection

How does it work?

Frost cloth works like a blanket, it is designed to be laid slightly above the plant and absorbs the moisture from the air to prevent the plant getting frosted.  The greater the area between the plant and the cloth the less likely the frost cloth will work effectively. The aim is to hold warm air around the plants

As a crop cover, it promotes natural, undisturbed growth, and creates a micro-climate under which seedlings thrive. This fabric will allow rain to penetrate, and 90% light transmission (18gsm cloth) – down to 70% for the 60gsm fabric.

Does it help with heat stress?

Yes, the fabric allows for heat stress reduction as well as transplant stress.

How long does the material last?

The fabric is only designed for one season use, however if you are careful with it you may get another season or two.

Can Frost Cloth Damage Plants?

Where the frost cloth touches the plant it can cause a contact burn, for best results there needs to be a slight gap between the plant and the material.

Does it work on Lawns?

Frost cloth can be used to cover new lawns and can be left on for extended periods if required.  However, it would be advantageous to the plant to have the cloth removed after a few days then re-laid.

Does it work on all plants?

Yes, providing you cover the plant/shrub/tree correctly. Make sure the plant is covered and the gap between the leaves and the frost cloth is minimal.  The greater the gap the less likely the frost cloth will work correctly.

Remember if the cloth touches the leaves they will get burnt because the cloth freezes and if it is touching the leaves they will freeze (burn) also.

Does it keep out insects?

An added bonus with the frost cloth is the heavier gsm has been found to prevent insects accessing the plants.

Will frost cloth work for my hot house?

For a hot house frost cloth would not be effective in preventing frost damage to plants.  Smart weave should be more effective for this application.  Smart weave is designed for greenhouses and is a breathable fabric.

Will frost cloth blow away?

Frost cloth needs to be anchored to the ground along the lower edges to prevent the wind getting under it (and to keep the plant warm).  Recycling bottles (2L, 10L etc) filled with water works well. Alternatively, you can use sandbags, timber or steel posts to weigh down the fabric – but take care not to damage the fabric.

Can I use a hoop or cage to support the cloth?

Yes as long as the gap between the plant and the cloth is minimal, otherwise the cloth will not work efficiently.

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