VEGE Net from Netpro saves the day

These Bugs Used To Really Grind My Gears.

Vege Net has been a godsend. I once fought a losing battle with insects in my garden, I’d persevere but was always disappointed with stings in the fruit and little grubs in the flesh, caterpillars that eat everything in sight, Heliothis moths (Bud worms) and their larvae that destroy tomatoes, lettuces, brassicas, capsicums and peas and beans. When on the odd occasion I did have some success, I’d have an infestation of flea beetles or pumpkin beetles or those little scale insects.

Loopers are very interesting for little children in the garden, but gosh they can be devastating.

Cabbage white fly? The larvae eat the outer leaves of cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower and the young leaves, okay they eat everything.

Cluster worms, o-my goodness, they will wreak havoc when young, feeding as a mass of wriggling destruction. They bore holes in everything!

Potato moths these are the little sods that make windows in the leaves and they bore into growing potatoes.

Green vegetable bugs that distort plant growth by sucking sap, and speaking of sap suckers, white flies, leafhoppers, silver white flies, let’s not forget aphids, mealy bugs and thrips.

A Novice to the garden would probably give up when the barriers to success are so many. There is a range of chemicals to reduce and or destroy these little blighters, but for me that would defeat the purpose of growing at home.
So, I purchased some vege net, to protect my plants from the flying insects and therefore those insects laying eggs.

A wonderful success. I have had two whole seasons without insect damage. I am building a large house covered in 30% shade cloth ensuring my home-grown goodies are organic and I’ll use the vege net for additional shade on the blistering hot days.
Thanks Netpro.


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Port Of Brisbane

I can't believe it's been over 9 years since Netpro installed the first Hail canopy at our facility here at the Port of Brisbane. With this in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to thank yourself and your company for your continued support and services provided. We have been extremely please with the overall performance of the canopies and also thankful for the lack of general maintenance required on the canopies. We look forward to working with you read more

Mark Neander Senior Manager Property Development April 28, 2015