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Covering your patch with Vegenet, Shade Cloth Fruit Fly Net or Insect Screen

Selecting the correct netting to protect your vegetable patch

Covering your patch with Vegenet, Shade Cloth Fruit Fly Net or Insect Screen. Many of our customers enquire after a product that will keep out the myriad insects, butterflies, bugs, grasshoppers, birds, possums and extreme heat.

It’s a Big ask, but Netpro have designed a few products to help you to regain peace of mind.

Each weave has its particular use, closely woven insect net will exclude everything, the cloth is best used in covering ground crops to keep out tiny sap sucking insects like cabbage aphids. It can be used in a structure but the is very little airflow.

Fruit Fly Exclusion Net is a durable heavy cloth being 103 grams per square meter, with no memory so it can be rolled up and used over and over, or thrown over a structure, or permanently attached to a structure.
Vege Net (click here for eBAY SHOP) is not a structural net, it is a throw over net, it excludes moths’ butterflies, creeping crawling insects and birds, it needs to be weighted because it is so light. Net Pro have a tunnel that is 60cm high and three metres long that has a vege net cover perfect for strawberries or brassicas to protect from birds and insects. The cloth is also available in larger sizes right up to 300-meter rolls

30-50% Shade Cloth, the colour of shade cloth will determine how much light your garden will receive.

White/ beige shade cloth allows plenty of light and your plants won’t grow leggy,

White Provides 16-20%, shade and Green and black 26-30% shade factor.

Shade cloth will also exclude insects and butterflies. It is available in 2or 4 metre widths of 50 metre rolls.

Shade cloth is a structural net with eyelets woven into the fabric on the selvage that runs the length of the roll.

NetPro Have Clip Lock (click here for eBAY SHOP) that holds the cloth in place.

What about Bees?

Choosing whether your cover is a fixed cover or moveable, Will be determined by the pollination requirements.

Some Gardeners create a permanent cover and then install bee hives, for pollination.

Others create a cover that is semi-permanent and lift a side to allow bees in.

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