Sandalwood Feedlot Pty Ltd
H Sandalwood Feedlot Pty Ltd, near Dalby, QLD
October 23, 2017

We liked the product NetPro offered, quality was our main criteria. The option of wooden posts was an important feature because of the highly-corrosive conditions in the feedlot environment. We were able to work through the construction plan and the materials options during the quoting process.

After construction was completed, we had a couple of small issues, which NetPro worked through with us – the backup service was very good, and we are really happy with the result.

The most important outcome we sought was the provision of shade without the associated increase in pen maintenance costs. The NetPro product provides adequate shade with manageable pen maintenance. (We also have iron shade structures on site, so we can compare the two types very easily). The main advantage of the Netpro shade is that rain is evenly distributed.