Gary and Ursula, Lychees
Salisbury OGA Certified Producer 872A
February 6, 2012

I’m writing to thank you for your excellent product. We covered our ten year old lychee patch with the Fruit Fly net using steel post/poly pipe tunnels. The result has been extraordinary – the first time we have ever been able to harvest clean, mature fruit from these trees! The feeling under the nets is one of complete peace – protected from all predatory insects and birds.

Until now we ate lychees as half-green, tart fruit in order to rescue some from the lorikeets, crows, macadamia nut borers, wasps, elephant beetles, fruit flies and all manner of sucking insects only ever seen at lychee harvest time. As no fruit is being damaged there are no juice or rotting fruit aromas to attract these pests either. It is clear to us now – to ensure a harvest from any fruit tree it needs to be covered with this net