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You have assessed the benefits of canopy netting, and you reckon you want to trial some; or you have seen canopies in action, and have decided to go the whole hog and cover the entire orchard.

Now a whole heap of new questions arise: What type of structure is best? What type of canopy? And who are you going to get to install it? Where can you get materials, and where can you go for advice? Read our FAQ’s and contact us for more information….

What if I purchase net in panels, how will I attach it to a frame?2018-01-08T22:41:44+10:00

NetPro have designed a clip lock product, made of light aluminium with a wiggly wire that fits snuggly together holding the net in place under tension. The Netting doesn’t get caught or torn so it isn’t compromised in any way, it can be re tensioned at any time. Sold in three metre lengths it has revolutionised greenhouse construction. Prices are included in our retail catalogue.

How do I cover an individual tree?2018-01-08T22:40:14+10:00

We have many home gardeners that have shown their ingenuity by creating an arching canopy from Star pickets and poly pipe. This framework allows easy application of net over the tree without tearing it. Keeping the net taught by tying around the base of the tree or by using weights, will enable a smooth surface for a possum to run over or a bat to glance off. The net being on a framework away from the ripening fruit, will provide a barrier to determined beaks, and not provide a surface to get purchase on

I have purchased a farm that has a structure in place, can I just purchase netting2018-01-08T22:38:52+10:00

Yes. We provide a supply only service and provide installation advice.

How do I choose the right net?2018-01-08T22:35:39+10:00

Location: All locations have differing climatic conditions eg. Hail, sun, wind etc. These generally dictate what size net should be used, which in turn dictates structure size.

Crop: Choosing the right net type and colour for your crop is essential. Colour is the biggest decision to make when deciding on a protective canopy.

Variety: With apples in particular different varieties require different shade levels. For example, we would generally advise not to place white net over Granny smith apples as they can still receive sunburn in some areas and red apples can have trouble colouring under some black nets.

How much does the average canopy cost?2018-01-08T22:32:33+10:00

There is no average canopy, every orchard is different, every canopy is bespoke. Call us we have a range of solutions to keep costs reasonable.

How good are Dam covers?2018-01-08T22:31:13+10:00

For shading water holding and storage have been proven to reduce evaporation and therefore translates to economic viability saving 69-71% of evaporation.

Are the Prices for your products available somewhere, or do I have to ring up?2018-01-08T22:28:50+10:00

Our Retail Catalogue is available on this website, you can do your own ‘homework’ before placing an order as prices are included.

I am not in Australia but I like your canopies, what about overseas clients?2018-01-08T22:11:32+10:00

We have many overseas clients and both large and small. We ship around the world so your request will not be any problem for us.

Can I pick up net from your HQ in Stanthorpe?2018-01-08T22:12:51+10:00

Yes of course. We are open 9- 5 every day except gazetted holidays. We do prefer that you call us on 1300 638 776 and place an order, so that we can have your products ready for you.

Where can I buy netting for my garden?2018-01-08T22:14:50+10:00

Here at Netpro we have a range of options designed for the home gardener. You can consult our catalogue on the website for prices and shop online at or our eBay portal. We also take phone orders, so call now and well help you get the right product for your garden. We have specialist on-sellers for our products, and they can be found on the Retail menu of the website.

Can I purchase canopy repair materials?2018-01-08T22:16:19+10:00

Our repair products are all available for purchase, call and enquire we will promptly post out your requirements.

How resilient are your Ebay greenhouses?2018-01-08T22:19:57+10:00

Our little protect and grow tunnels are designed for above ground garden beds. They will keep out insects, small rodents and birds, but not kangaroos. Long enough ,3 metres for some lovely leafy vege, tall enough, 60cms for brassicas, to protect them from snails and white cabbage moth under the supplied vege net.

Plant first, or Net first?2016-04-20T19:29:17+10:00

In considering this aspect, weigh up the cash flow issues associated with all your development being paid for in the first couple of years, against faster tree development under net, earlier maturity and volume of production etc. A general rule of thumb is that if your rows are going to be 3m or wider, you can retain the option to net later. On the other hand, if you can invest up-front, you will have larger returns sooner from your investment.

What is it like to work under a net?2017-08-22T21:50:23+10:00

Many orchard workers find the microclimate under the net to be more comfortable; under coloured net such as red it can be difficult to discern colours but sunglasses tend to solve this problem.

Orchard owners have reported improved picking volumes; and along with the greater pack-out due to better fruit quality, this can have a marked effect on the bottom line.

How much will the net shade my crop?2016-04-20T14:47:00+10:00

Different nets have different shading properties. This depends not only on the density of the net, but also on its colour – be it black, white, grey or red etc. Other variables to consider are the crop and its requirements, the climate and sunshine hours etc, as different crops in different areas respond differently to various levels of shade. This is where it becomes important to research your requirements carefully – our consultants are very knowledgeable on these subjects and have a great deal of practical experience.

Do nets provide Frost Protection?2018-01-08T22:17:35+10:00

Frost-cloth can diminish the effect of frost in a number of ways, including capturing a pocket of warmer air and physically preventing ice from forming directly on or in plant tissues. Frost-cloth will not harm the plants if it remains on the plants for extended periods of time as it will provide a warm, light-filled and sheltered micro-climate for sensitive plants to flourish.

What else can a canopy do?2016-04-20T14:58:49+10:00

Canopies play an important part in reducing the water consumption by providing an environment that reduces evapotranspiration. Along the same theme, canopies have been developed as Dam Covers to protect irrigation resources. The NetPro dam covers consist of cables suspended across the dam and covered with shade-cloth. Keeping the cover low, at dam-wall height, reduces wind resistance and expense.

Canopies are excellent for Environment manipulation and can be used for producing fruits outside of their normal climatic range; this can aid in farm diversification.

Canopies markedly reduce wind damage. Windbreaks can be incorporated as part of the canopy design or designed as stand-alone structures; either way, canopies and windbreaks are important tools in reducing wind damage to trees and fruit, and reducing spray drift to surrounding areas.

What sort of covering should I have?2018-01-08T22:37:23+10:00

Knowing what you are trying to achieve in the garden or orchard will determine the type of cover well advise for you. Pest exclusion, Insect Exclusion, weather protection or combinations of these factors will determine the ideal product. The topography and space to cover Present their own challenges and the type of produce you are growing all have their own requirements. Call our experts and get the best advice.



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