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Southern Downs Regional Council

Initially the idea of the net canopy over the landfill was discussed with Netpro as they are a local company and at the time Netpro was considering advancing into this area (protection of landfills). Netpro assisted Council with a very reasonable price which allowed the project to proceed. At the time the landfill site had problems with wind blown litter and a solution to fully prevent this problem was not easy until the canopy was suggested.

Following construction of the canopy over the landfill the litter problem ceased, which provides for a much tidier site, less complaints from surrounding properties, and less maintenance costs to collect litter on site and on surrounding properties. The canopy also provides some protection from birds accessing the rubbish and dropping it elsewhere.

The only issues experienced with the canopy relate to machinery and contact with the canopy. When this damage has occurred we received prompt service from Netpro staff who attended to the repairs almost immediately.

Landfill sites are now required to be operated under a licence issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and this requires that it be maintained in a tidy state. The old terminology of 'dump' no longer applies as these sites must be well controlled environmentally.

The Council is currently constructing a Resource Recovery Centre on the site and this will further provide environmental controls on the site and what is able to be recycled and what may go to landfill. Once completed the site will be easier to operate and maintain.

Thank you for the chance to provide positive review for a very worthwhile system.

Scott Cobon Manager, Built Environment December 10, 2008

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