NetPro green house films and nets are designed with the future of agriculture in mind.

With massive increase in water-energy efficiency

Improvements from 8 to 62-fold for certain vegetables. NetPro green house films and nets are designed with the future of agriculture in mind.

A net house with a misting system uses less water than a greenhouse with a cooling system according to Researchers at the International Centre for Bio saline Agriculture (ICBA) developed a highly efficient low-cost net house technology that can help to make horticulture significantly more feasible and make profitable agri-business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), while saving water and energy.

The ICBA team completed a long-term evaluation of growing cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, and other vegetables in a widely-used high-tech greenhouse and a traditional net house designed to cope with UAE conditions. They compared a model of greenhouse with a fan-pad cooling system and a net house model equipped with a misting system and a shade net.

Researchers discovered that greenhouse cooling is the most water-intensive process as it consumed 1.6 times more water than the amount required to irrigate cucumbers. In contrast, the misting system in the net house required about 20% of the water used to irrigate cucumbers. Data also showed that the greenhouse consumed 62 times more energy than the net house.

“Our research demonstrates that the net house can be a low-cost alternative to the common greenhouse. More importantly, this technology can help to considerably reduce energy and water consumption for vegetable production.

A NetPro designed crop protection cover is created to withstand climate pressures such as hail and severe storms.


Success Stories

Gary and Ursula, Lychees

I'm writing to thank you for your excellent product. We covered our ten year old lychee patch with the Fruit Fly net using steel post/poly pipe tunnels. The result has been extraordinary - the first time we have ever been able to harvest clean, mature fruit from these trees! The feeling under the nets is one of complete peace - protected from all predatory insects and birds. Until now we ate lychees as half-green, tart fruit in order to rescue read more

Gary and Ursula Salisbury OGA Certified Producer 872A February 6, 2012