About Us

Since 1992, Netpro has been providing protective structures to farms and industry – our own proven designs based on pole & cable supports and high-quality netting and shade-cloth.

Each structure is designed to complement the topography and to achieve the main objectives of each client – our consultants have a wealth of experience and work with clients to achieve a perfect fit.

NetPro has grown from the original small team to a large organisation, with our own workshops, warehouse, and head office.  Although located in regional Queensland, we operate throughout Australia and New Zealand, our structures are in demand in the USA, and we are involved in projects as far afield as Japan, and South Africa.

<b>Michael Pradella</b>
Michael Pradella
At the helm of Netpro, is Michael Pradella. Commencing with the company in June 2000 as the C.F.O., Michael brings extensive experience in both accounting, contract management & business management to Netpro.

In 2015 Michael assumed the role of C.E.O for the Netpro Group and set about creating a culture at Netpro to ensure we are the global market leader in the design and installation of Protective Canopy Structures.

Professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm are three key traits that have contributed to Michael’s success and he brings each of them to bear in every aspect of his varied roles. His overriding commitment is to client success and long-term relationships, which ensures the very best outcomes.

Michael is an advocate of the “Work safe – Home safe” safety initiative. This means Netpro’s jobs get completed within the required timeframes and their respective budgets, with all our customers, staff and their families being Netpro’s first priority for Safety and Health.

<b>Claude Grayling</b>
Claude Grayling
Co-founding Netpro in 1992, Claude has spent 26 years in the Protective Canopy Industry researching issues that affect the horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture and commercial industries and then designing, developing and installing structures suited to both the clients and industry needs.

Claude leads a Sales team that possesses extensive knowledge in the Protective Canopy Industry and with a combined experience of over 100 years, the sales team will always find a solution to your Protective Canopy needs.

With considerable investment in Research & Development, Claude and the Netpro team are involved in developing canopy cloths and structure components to ensure Netpro remains the leading designer/installer of Protective Canopy Systems.

With projects and installation crews throughout Australia, New Zealand, America, Japan and Turkey, Claude is regularly onsite mentoring, checking the performance of the netting, looking at and refining install systems.

<b>Brendon Hall</b>
Brendon Hall
Joined Netpro in 2005, and moved from WHS & HR into the role of Operations Manager and part of the Management Team in 2010.

The Operations team prides itself on delivering to the client a high quality Protective Structure on time, to budget and without any incidents.

As a certified trainer, Brendon has designed & implemented an online training portal and developed numdrous APPs used by not only the constructions crews daily but also the sales team for quoting and Q.A audits.

<b>Kirk Davies</b>
Kirk Davies
Bring it in on time and under budget is Kirks motto.

With a Construction and mining background in Project Management and a previous history in safety and training, Kirk is glad to be able to help Netpro and their customers complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With his extensive Project administration experience, Kirk will do the utmost to facilitate a smooth and mutually beneficial job flow for your project.

<b>Glenn McRae</b>
Glenn McRae
Having worked his way from Storeman to Account Manager Retail Sales, Glenn possesses extensive knowledge of all our components and large range of cloths/nets.

This ensures his clients get the correct product for their structure/project.

Glenn is also responsible for the ordering of all our netting and shadecloth including scheduling the manufacturing times with our factory.