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NetPro, started more than 25 years ago with hail and bird netting. During which the company researched and created insect netting for green houses and broad acre farming.

The first generation of netting was designed to directly Cover Vegetables in an open field, with products such as Grow Shield, Vege Net and Horticultural Fleece. These products allow a micro climate to protect seedlings and also to allow plants to withstand frost. Transitioning from horticultural fleece to Vege net, throughout the growing season, allows plants to be protected from flying, hopping and crawling insects.

Biological farming

The interest in netting has increased as more farmers move to organic certification. Biological farming is getting more and more popular, and insect netting is the biological solution to controlling insects. The consequence of readily available selective insect killers has led to insect population imbalances, where some insects are flourishing in the absence of their predators.

Climate and Insects

In temperate regions, climate change has led to the proliferation of some species of insects where warming has improved conditions. Pressure from some insects is increasing. If the Temperature in those regions Increases a fraction the insects grow faster. This isn’t happening in the tropics because those regions are often too hot for optimal life cycles.

Horticulture and NetPro Nets and Screens

Farmers must adapt to farming methods including crop rotations and rather than use pesticides, screens and net are becoming more viable an option for broad acre farming.

Our Insect Screen keeps out Thrips and Flea beetles, it is available in 100m rolls 3.5 metres wide.

Vege net, excludes butterflies and beetles

Fruit fly exclusion net, excludes larger creatures that sting to lay their eggs and behaves as a Bird deterrent as a bonus.

Bird and Bat nets protect crops from larger flying predators.

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Success Stories

Gary and Ursula, Lychees

I'm writing to thank you for your excellent product. We covered our ten year old lychee patch with the Fruit Fly net using steel post/poly pipe tunnels. The result has been extraordinary - the first time we have ever been able to harvest clean, mature fruit from these trees! The feeling under the nets is one of complete peace - protected from all predatory insects and birds. Until now we ate lychees as half-green, tart fruit in order to rescue read more

Gary and Ursula Salisbury OGA Certified Producer 872A February 6, 2012