“Innovation – a new idea; creative thoughts; the application of better solutions that meet new requirements or existing market needs.”

A recent seminar for local growers and others hosted by DAF at the wine college in Stanthorpe had Innovation as the theme of the presentations. An interesting array of speakers addressed the 30-40 strong gathering with topics ranging from cold-pressed juice to overseas study tours, water storage, finance, and drone technology on farms.

Two very inspirational speakers spoke about their overseas study tours conducted as a part of their involvement in cropping and being selected for their respective areas of interest in the hort sector.

An informative day for all was followed by lunch and the chance for some networking.

It is hoped that more of these days will happen soon, with acknowledgment to Clinton McGrath, Justin Heaven, and Laura Carman from DAF for hosting this latest gathering where local growers and industry can meet and share ideas.

These are important opportunities, particularly with the current drought, for everyone to get involved and learn how to cope and become more resilient in the short and long term when dealing with the effects the drought is having on their livelihoods.

Success Stories

Southern Downs Regional Council

Initially the idea of the net canopy over the landfill was discussed with Netpro as they are a local company and at the time Netpro was considering advancing into this area (protection of landfills). Netpro assisted Council with a very reasonable price which allowed the project to proceed. At the time the landfill site had problems with wind blown litter and a solution to fully prevent this problem was not easy until the canopy was suggested. Following construction of the read more

Scott Cobon Manager, Built Environment December 10, 2008