Hail Cover for Vehicles..

While well known for protective canopies for crops, livestock and water among the horticulture and agriculture industries, including hail netting, a large part of the NetPro Group of Companies business is also in the design, supply and construction of large commercial protective canopy structures for protection of vehicles.

The canopies are dual purpose in not only shading the vehicles from the harsh Australian sun but also as hail protection netting for thousands of cars in storage yards across Australia, with millions of dollars’ worth of vehicles protected by a NetPro purpose designed vehicle hail protection and shade net structure.

A reduction in car manufacturing in Australia has resulted in more vehicles being imported from overseas manufacturers, requiring an increased need for protected car storage yards right across Australia.

With thousands of vehicles being off loaded from ships each week, new vehicles are too valuable to be left to the harsh and unpredictable weather, including storms, flying debris, and importantly hail, requiring car storage companies to invest inyard space and provide necessary security in the form of hail protection that car importers are asking for.

NetPro being the leaders in this field have designed both a flat cover for light to moderate hail events and a patent designed pitch cover for more extreme hail events.

NetPro is well positioned to take advantage of this increased need for vehicle protection structures, and being an experienced leader in the supply of large commercial sized protective canopies, has the capacity, experience and knowledge to tackle any size job.

Right now, we are working with many different clients at multiple installation points across Australia, with many more in the pipeline.

Working with some of the largest names in car storage, NetPro has continued to grow this side of the business under the direction of Commercial Sales Manager, Duncan Miles, who specialises in the sale and design of these structures along with the support of the very experienced NetPro team both in the office and out in the field.

In addition to car storage yards, NetPro also supplies shade and hail structures for many other commerical needs including public car parking, caravan and motor-home storage yards, long term carparks, and machinery storage.

If you require further information on NetPro’s range of purpose designed Protective Car Storage Systems or have any other commercial need for a protective canopy, please give Duncan a call on 07 4681 6617 or CLICK HERE

Success Stories

Mazda Australia Pty Ltd

Mazda Australia has been the leading full line importer of motor vehicles into Australia for nearly a decade. Selling over 100,000 vehicles annually, our business requires multiple vehicle storage and logistic solutions nationally. To this end Mazda Australia has a requirement that all of our vehicles stored at any of our Vehicle Distribution facilities need to be under a hail net. Mazda has a long term relationship with Netpro and a strong relationship with the local Netpro team headed by read more

Kym Mellow National Manager - Vehicle Operation May 13, 2015