Hail protection flat canopy

Netpro Hail Guard Products.

Our flat canopy and patented pitch canopy have undergone extensive research and are designed to save livelihoods.

Farmers have discovered the value of Netpro products when they need to be counted on, rather than an entire field destroyed by hail, the damage is minimal.

Vehicle storage is another field where hail guard products are required to ensure vehicles are safe from hail damage.

hail-protection-vehicleA NetPro Hail Cover can change the way you do business.

Check out our Vehicle Protection page and our Crop Protection page.

Success Stories

JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding

Discovering Net-Pro has been valuable for JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding!! As we were considering options to rebuild pens and shade structures this past year, finding a comprehensive solution that fulfilled a wide range of needs for the feed yard seemed almost impossible. Those needs included increased height for airflow & drying, eliminating poles in the middle of the pens to improve pen surface conditions and facilitate cleaning with heavy equipment, and better shade coverage with less material - and read more

John Foley - VP Operations & COO JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding. USA January 13, 2016