Frost Cloth - weather protection

Frost-cloth or Horticultural Fleece

An extremely light, breathable fabric made from spun-bonded polypropylene or poly-ethylene.
The advantage of the commercially available frost-cloth is that it can remain over plants for long periods if necessary.

It will provide an insulating layer whilst still allowing at least 70% light transmission, and unlike plastic, it has a degree of permeability to both rain and air movement.


Success Stories

Prixcar Victoria

Prixcar recently engaged Netpro Canopies to install our latest hail netting canopy in Altona Victoria. Netpro installed one of their Flat UB3 canopies which is performing very well. We found the team at Netpro to be extremely professional and obliging, they worked in well with our operations and endeavoured to make sure all our requirements were met.

Prixcar Vehicle Transport Specialist Altone, Victoria June 22, 2020