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8 01, 2018

How do I cover an individual tree?

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We have many home gardeners that have shown their ingenuity by creating an arching canopy from Star pickets and poly pipe. This framework allows easy application of net over the tree without tearing it. Keeping the net taught by tying around the base of the tree or by using weights, will enable a smooth surface for a possum to run over or a bat to glance off. The net being on a framework away from the ripening fruit, will provide [...]

8 01, 2018

How do I choose the right net?

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Location: All locations have differing climatic conditions eg. Hail, sun, wind etc. These generally dictate what size net should be used, which in turn dictates structure size. Crop: Choosing the right net type and colour for your crop is essential. Colour is the biggest decision to make when deciding on a protective canopy. Variety: With apples in particular different varieties require different shade levels. For example, we would generally advise not to place white net over Granny smith apples as [...]