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Creating a protective canopy in the garden, can be a lot of fun, and certainly satisfying. Knowing you are protecting your latest seasons crops. When installing your net over timber, metal, or black poly-pipe, you will need a roll of Frame Guard tape.

The tape will protect the fine netting from wear due to rubbing on the frame and from melting in the heat. Heat in the Australian summer is extremely harsh and when the poly pipe heats up, and being black, retains heat, the net can melt.

Frame guard will ensure the surface of the net is kept off the pipe and other framing materials.

Many home gardeners have adopted the poly pipe structure for their garden beds and young fruit trees. Ideally using frame guard, will provide protection the net requires to last the warranty of the product.

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Success Stories

Gary and Ursula, Lychees

I'm writing to thank you for your excellent product. We covered our ten year old lychee patch with the Fruit Fly net using steel post/poly pipe tunnels. The result has been extraordinary - the first time we have ever been able to harvest clean, mature fruit from these trees! The feeling under the nets is one of complete peace - protected from all predatory insects and birds. Until now we ate lychees as half-green, tart fruit in order to rescue read more

Gary and Ursula Salisbury OGA Certified Producer 872A February 6, 2012