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Netpro Row Throw

Netpro ‘Row-Throw’

NetPro stocks a variety of throw-over netting in addition to permanent options.  This season, we are proud to introduce our newly developed product:  Row-Throw‘ Originally modelled on our highly popular fruit-fly exclusion netting – ‘Row-Throw’ offers half the weight but extra width (6m and 13m) making it ideal for throw-over applications.

Commonly used for Bee exclusion, the 50gsm ‘Row-Throw’ has a slightly larger hole-size of around 4-5mm (approximately – see scale 1:1 photo).  This hole-size would easily exclude most common pests, from insects to birds and bats.  For example, a little critter like the common fruit-spotting bug – known to cause a deal of damage and expense – could be excluded.

Despite the reasonably fine weave of the net compared to bird-net, breathability and spray penetration are good. Due to the use of transparent threads, light shading hovers around 6%.  Some hail and wind protection is also afforded by properly applied and secured nets. Various Councils in Australia are specifying a product that is only used for part of the year  ‘Row Throw’ is the perfect choice assist communities to limit visual pollution.

During use, ‘Row-Throw’ would be less likely to tangle than the traditional diamond-shape of bird-net with its wider holes. ‘Row-Throw’ is priced very affordably, is durable, and excludes a wide range of pests.

We can ship anywhere – call for a quick quote:  1300 NETPRO (638 776).


PLEASE NOTE: Netpro DO NOT supply or rent out NetWhizz applicators – applicators detailed are suggestions only.

Net Wizz Manual
The Manual NetWizz is suitable for the smaller grower for applying and removing anti-bird netting and Row Throw.
It is based on the same principle as the Slim Auto Tension NetWizz, but without hydraulics and requires one person to pull the netting in by hand.
The top loop is 2-5m wide and is manually raised and lowered. It is easy to rotate for transport.
Netting is stored in wool bales (or similar) which are hung on the frame adjacent to the work platform. The bale is removed by lowering the tractor’s 3PL
The Net Wizz
“NetWizz Std Auto Tension” is a machine for applying and removing bird netting and Row Throw  in medium to large vineyards, orchards and anywhere crop cover is required. Netting wound onto a simple spindle in an inter-woven pattern like a roll of twine.• Automatic speed and netting tension
• Fast, safe, tear free removal, with netting wound tight on steel spindles
• For single and multiple row or full canopy cover netting
• Self loading/unloading of rolls, with high lift mast option for fruit trees
• Shear bolt protection for top loop & mast, a very compact & safe design
Crendon Machinery, Donnybrook WA – Dealers across Australia & overseas.
The Net Master
The Net-Master Falcon is designed to bolt onto a Tractor Linkage Carry All and replace existing manual net rigs, such as a wool bale, pole and basketball ring.
The hydraulic motor does all the Hard Work for you.
Suitable for 1,to 4 row cover or Lock Out Netting
Tatura Engineering
has dealers in all states 03 5824 1998

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