Fruit fly protection in your garden starts with Netpro Fruit fly Net

Fruit fly protection starts with Netpro Fruit Fly Net ™

The Fruit Fly Incursion into Australia is the most destructive exotic pest identified to date. $35 million was spent in Cairns in 1995 attempting to eradicate the fruit fly and $100 million was lost in production costs, reduced productivity and market access closure. Fruit flies are a significant crop pest, affecting the agriculture industry on a global scale. They are highly mobile, and if left uncontrolled, can cause whole crop losses as well as dramatically reduce market access and export opportunities.

The negative impact of fruit fly centres around two issues:

  • Firstly, direct crop loss is caused by maggots feeding and the introduction of decay organisms.
  • The second problem is linked with trade; fruit flies are considered by all trading partners as major quarantine pests and their presence in production areas can lead to significant market access loss.

The Current range of eradication methods include, field bait sprays and lure-and-kill techniques.

NetPro have designed a Net for Protection from Fruit fly – (Click Here).
Available in handy sizes for the home gardener right up to commercial quantities.
This net ensures an organic product, as no sprays are required, when a protective net is used.

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I had the pleasure of dealing with Justin, Michael and the Netpro team during construction of a new facility for Autonexus, in Eagle Farm Queensland. The requirement was for 30,000m2 of hail net installed over two stages. From the very early design and negations to contract management, installation and importantly post construction the staff and contractors were at all times professional and responsive to the specific site challenges that we faced. The project was completed on time, defect period commitments read more

Cassie Eivers Project Director April 14, 2015