SUMMER 2020/2021


The latest publication of Australian Citrus News discussed Netting being a game changer for Citrus farmers in the Riverland.
Investments in netting orchards in the Riverland and in particular the property of Mathew and Sam Lloyd will have an almost instant effect on return on investment.

They advised Australian Citrus News that the three-year-old trees under the net was equivalent to a five-year-old tree, outside Nets under normal conditions, as the trees grow more quickly and to date the quality and yields are looking promising.

Mathew also discussed the lower watering requirements of trees under Nets being a 20% reduction in usage which is a huge cost benefit. The Farm has reduced fruit dumping because of the benefits of netting and are now able to achieve 1st and 2nd grade packouts.
Hail damage was also a consideration for the case for Netting as before Netting they lost close to a million dollars due to a hail storm.
Story appears in Australian Citrus News ,Summer 2020/21 CLICK HERE

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My order was filled quickly and with good communication. The netting arrived in record time and is of good quality. I would highly recommend.

Patricia Russell - Retail Customer October 21, 2020