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18 06, 2019


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VEHICLE PROTECTION HAIL PROTECTION - VEHICLES Hail Cover for Vehicles.. While well known for protective canopies for crops, livestock and water among the horticulture and agriculture industries, including hail netting, a large part of the NetPro Group of Companies business is also in the design, supply and construction of large commercial protective canopy structures for protection of vehicles. The canopies are dual purpose in not only shading the vehicles from the harsh Australian sun but also as hail [...]

26 03, 2019


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FLAT AND PITCH Netpro Hail Guard Products. Our flat canopy and patented pitch canopy have undergone extensive research and are designed to save livelihoods. Farmers have discovered the value of Netpro products when they need to be counted on, rather than an entire field destroyed by hail, the damage is minimal. Vehicle storage is another field where hail guard products are required to ensure vehicles are safe from hail damage. A NetPro Hail Cover can change the way [...]

12 04, 2016


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BRISBANE BUDGET AIRPORT PARKING State Of The Art self-serve parking facility Part of the area is covered with a NetPro protective canopy - offering extra vehicle protection against sun and hail damage while parked. This structure was completed in 2015 by NetPro, and took an estimated 10 weeks to complete. Freestanding Universal Beams and anchored galvanised steel poles support the black protective netting. Access is easy due to wide pole spacing; all poles are clearly marked. (Since completion of [...]