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16 08, 2020


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R & D QUANTIFIED SHADE AND SHELTER Two new research projects will examine the impacts of shade and shelter in commercial feedlots in southern production regions. Previous research has demonstrated shade effects on feedlot cattle performance in Queensland. A unique aspect of this research is it will examine the value proposition of covered housing systems which are increasing in popularity. The benefits of shade and shelter on feedlot cattle in temperate climates will be examined through two new research [...]

16 08, 2020


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LIVESTOCK SHADING SHADE AND SHELTER MLA Grainfed R & D Insights video For the full article check out Meat and Livestock Australias's full article. CLICK HERE

14 07, 2019


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FEEDLOT PROTECTION - DIVERSIFICATION IS KEY Diversification is the key to success, for longevity. While NetPro may have started out nearly 28 years ago as a local Stanthorpe business supplying protective netting and shade cloth structures to the horticultural sector, it was this same positive attitude and willingness to find solutions for customers that led NetPro into the field of providing shade canopies for the livestock industry. After researching this market, particularly Beef Feedlots, and getting an understanding for [...]