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4 06, 2019


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WATER SECURITY DAF APPLETHORPE Water Security included in Info. session hosted by DAF. It was a pleasure to join in with the growers from the local Granite Belt region last night for an information session hosted by DAF Applethorpe followed by drinks and a BBQ. An interesting mix of speakers covering relevant topics including one from the Mayor for SDRC, Tracy Dobie, on water security for the region. While the climate outlook for rain presented by the guys [...]

13 03, 2019


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NEW MANAGER EVAPORATION & WATER STORAGE MANAGER Steve Coles has been appointed to steer our farmers to construct evaporation solutions on their farms. Steve has joined the team to manage the enquiries and projects that Netpro have, in the dam covers / water security area of the business. Securing water reserves, storages and supply’s, has become a major concern for farmers, horticulturists, agriculturists, aqua culturalists and government bodies alike. Demonstrated expertise is in the system, designed by Netpro, that [...]

5 03, 2019


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EVAPORATION REDUCTION Water storage in Horticultural news. Farmers are presently de-silting their dams in anticipation of the rain to fill them. A cover over the dam, designed and engineered by our NetPro team, will make all the difference to manage your farming water security. After all you are only as secure as your water supply. The graphic shows total evaporation over ten years. In some parts of Australia where crops and animals are grown, evaporation can be up [...]