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22 07, 2020


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IMPRESSIVE OUTCOMES EXTENSIVE TRIALS "Continued observations and crop monitoring at two South Australian netted orchard trial sites at Loxton (apples) and Pyap (citrus) suggest there are numerous benefits to investing in permanent netting of tree crops. These benefits extend well beyond traditional crop protection benefits. Information and data being gathered include the effect netting has on mitigating hail damage, the incidence and effect of frost events, canopy structure and leaf area, fruitfulness, fruit quality and grade by variety. These [...]

15 07, 2020


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FUNDING CROP PROTECTION FINANCIAL SUPPORT The netting grant program for South Australia is up and running. The grant will run until 30 June 2023 or when funding has been exhausted. Funding will also cover costs associated with the purchase and installation of protective netting incurred since 16 December 2019. For further information please give Lindsay a call on 07 4681 6628 or email

26 02, 2020


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PREVENTING NET DAMAGE FRAME GUARD TAPE Creating a protective canopy in the garden, can be a lot of fun, and certainly satisfying. Knowing you are protecting your latest seasons crops. When installing your net over timber, metal, or black poly-pipe, you will need a roll of Frame Guard tape. The tape will protect the fine netting from wear due to rubbing on the frame and from melting in the heat. Heat in the Australian summer is extremely harsh and [...]

29 01, 2020


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MANAGING INSECTS 25 YEARS OF INSECT NETTING NetPro, started more than 25 years ago with hail and bird netting. During which the company researched and created insect netting for green houses and broad acre farming. The first generation of netting was designed to directly Cover Vegetables in an open field, with products such as Grow Shield, Vege Net and Horticultural Fleece. These products allow a micro climate to protect seedlings and also to allow plants to withstand frost. Transitioning [...]

26 11, 2019


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INSECT NETTING SCREENS FOR GARDEN & GREENHOUSE Whilst not many Australian vegetable growers and flower growers have mesh in their greenhouses, the demand is increasing. Insect screen will be an essential part in the Integrated Pest Management and for pollination in gardens and greenhouses. On the one hand, the insect screen keeps in the biological controllers and on the other hand, pests are kept out. Care for polinators requires extra attention however. The climate is changing worldwide, and with [...]

12 06, 2019


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FROST CLOTH, NEVER TOO LATE COVER UP FROST CLOTH INFO & FAQ With the recent onset of winter and associated frosts, if you haven’t already got your plants protected from the extreme cold, you can still do so with a NetPro Frost Cloth. Based in Stanthorpe, the coldest town in Queensland, our staff have the experience and knowledge to give you the right advice when it comes to protecting your plants from frost and unwanted bugs. For your [...]

26 03, 2019


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FLAT AND PITCH Netpro Hail Guard Products. Our flat canopy and patented pitch canopy have undergone extensive research and are designed to save livelihoods. Farmers have discovered the value of Netpro products when they need to be counted on, rather than an entire field destroyed by hail, the damage is minimal. Vehicle storage is another field where hail guard products are required to ensure vehicles are safe from hail damage. A NetPro Hail Cover can change the way [...]

13 03, 2019