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John Foley, VP Operations & COO, JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding. USA.
13th January 2016

Discovering Net-Pro has been a valuable discovery for JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding!! As we were considering options to rebuild pens and shade structures this past year, finding a comprehensive solution that fulfilled a wide range of needs for the feed yard seemed almost impossible. Those needs included increased height for airflow & drying, eliminating poles in the middle of the pens to improve pen surface conditions and facilitate cleaning with heavy equipment, and better shade coverage with less material - and of course this needed to be a more cost effective solution than traditional shade designs. Fortunately while visiting some yards in Australia we discovered the Net-Pro technology. Very quickly we were in contact with the Net-Pro team and arranged a visit to our facilities in the U.S -- the rest is history. We recently completed a 16k head renovation using their technology, materials, and expertise. The Net Pro team provided flawless service designing the shade structure, bidding the project, and coordinating delivery of materials. In addition they spent a month on-site assisting and training our team and were a joy to work with! I’m excited about this discovery and JBS is sold on the quality, functionality, service and value of this company and their technology and would highly recommend them to other cattle feeding entities!

Robert Channon, Owner Robert Channon Wines
22nd August 2007

I think it has made all the difference to the quality of our product - it has saved us from bird attack and from hail damage."

To date, Robert Channon Wines have won 23 trophies, 17 gold medals, 26 silver and 55 bronze medals since 2001.

Southern Downs Regional Council, QLD
Scott Cobon - Manager, Built Environment
10 December 2008

Initially the idea of the net canopy over the landfill was discussed with Netpro as they are a local company and at the time Netpro was considering advancing into this area (protection of landfills). Netpro assisted Council with a very reasonable price which allowed the project to proceed. At the time the landfill site had problems with wind blown litter and a solution to fully prevent this problem was not easy until the canopy was suggested.

Following construction of the canopy over the landfill the litter problem ceased, which provides for a much tidier site, less complaints from surrounding properties, and less maintenance costs to collect litter on site and on surrounding properties. The canopy also provides some protection from birds accessing the rubbish and dropping it elsewhere.

The only issues experienced with the canopy relate to machinery and contact with the canopy. When this damage has occurred we received prompt service from Netpro staff who attended to the repairs almost immediately.

Landfill sites are now required to be operated under a licence issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and this requires that it be maintained in a tidy state. The old terminology of 'dump' no longer applies as these sites must be well controlled environmentally.

The Council is currently constructing a Resource Recovery Centre on the site and this will further provide environmental controls on the site and what is able to be recycled and what may go to landfill. Once completed the site will be easier to operate and maintain.

Thank you for the chance to provide positive review for a very worthwhile system.

Mark Chapman Director RL Chapman PTY LTD.
June 2008

We chose NetPro to construct our protective canopies, as we know NetPro have been around for some time, we know their work and there are plenty of examples of their work around – we like the consistency of standard. In addition, NetPro are recognized by the Finance bodies, and it is much easier to get finance for a structure.”

Gary and Ursula Salisbury OGA Certified Producer 872A
6 Feb 2012

I'm writing to thank you for your excellent product. We covered our ten year old lychee patch with the Fruit Fly net using steel post/poly pipe tunnels. The result has been extraordinary - the first time we have ever been able to harvest clean, mature fruit from these trees! The feeling under the nets is one of complete peace - protected from all predatory insects and birds.

Until now we ate lychees as half-green, tart fruit in order to rescue some from the lorikeets, crows, macadamia nut borers, wasps, elephant beetles, fruit flies and all manner of sucking insects only ever seen at lychee harvest time. As no fruit is being damaged there are no juice or rotting fruit aromas to attract these pests either. It is clear to us now - to ensure a harvest from any fruit tree it needs to be covered with this net.

Dino Rizzato of I&L Rizzato & Sons t/a Moonlight Orchards said
24th August 2007

We currently have 250 acres of net – about 80% of our orchard area. Without the protective canopy, we wouldn’t be able to supply our market requirements. Quality is important to us and we wouldn’t be able to meet the specifications of our customers without net”.

Lin Dillon, Home Gardener, Carters Ridge QLD
16th January 2016

We purchased new fabric is to recover an old tunnel we had covered in 30% shade-cloth. The fruit fly net is soooo much better. Here's the photos of my little "White House" and what I've got growing in it. I have a lot of trouble with cucumber fly and this is the very first spaghetti squash I've ever grown without any stings. I've always had to harvest early and waste about half of each one. The only downside is that I have to hand-pollinate the cucurbits, but for just home use, that's no big deal; small price to pay for perfect veggies! I'm amazed at just how well things are doing - veggies that I would normally give up on at this time of year - silverbeet, kale and beetroot. As well as the fabric making it slightly shady, I think it's slightly cooler in there with the white reflecting some of the sun rays. A 100% happy customer.”

 For more photos, hop over to the blog.

Owen & Diane Cheetham - Townsville
September 2009

We live in North Queensland and have a nine metre pool. We needed to replace the pool cover but most local businesses we contacted wanted to replace it with a shade sail and the one quote we received to fabricate a new cover to our design seemed exceedingly high.

The cover is six metres by five metres with four ribs running the length to accommodate aluminium tubes. The cover is suspended on steel ropes across the pool and has pulleys to pull it back and forward across the pool. This allows it to be stretched tightly across the pool but during a cyclone the cover can easily be pulled back in a concertina fold and tied against the building. A 95% UV protection cloth was used as the evaporation rate for Townsville is 2.4metres per annum and the water can get very warm without a good quality cover.

This led to a search on the Internet for pool covers and came up with shade cloth lengths at Netpro's Ebay store. We then sent an e-mail with a drawing of the pool cover and requested a quote. The quote that came back from Netpro was very reasonable so we went ahead and had it manufactured. It was delivered to North Queensland within 12 days of the order being confirmed and we are extremely happy with the finished product. It is well made with reinforced edges and very strong. Netpro were very helpful in wrapping it small enough so that it could be sent by Australia Post Parcel delivery saving a substantial amount on the delivery cost.

Although this is only a small order compared to most jobs normally carried out by Netpro, the service we received from their sales team was professional and very helpful at all times.

Bill Hatton, Horticulture Projects Manager, Rewards Group Ltd.
28th January 2009

As major investors in the Australian horticulture industry, Rewards Group Ltd needs to ensure maximized returns on all funds invested, particularly in orchard infrastructure. Accordingly, our choice of contractors is critical to the final success of any project.

At Rewards we recognise that NetPro Pty Ltd is clearly the industry leader when it comes to protective canopies. They have the best quality product, and a reputation to match. Rewards Group is now a major client of Netpro, having recently covered over 90 hectares of stonefruit orchards at Childers, and we are also finalizing new canopies at our Kumbia orchard.

Canopy construction is still on-going, and we are 100% satisfied with the projects completed for us in the three years to date. The quality of finish, the robust engineering … it’s all first-class. Our choice & trust in NetPro has been well and truly vindicated by the finished results. We consider the canopies to be a serious & integral factor in the protection of our fruit -- consequently it’s been a high component of our investment in these projects.

Apart from the known protection features (from fruit-bats, birds and hail), we are capitalising on the valuable bonus that the canopy structure creates a controlled microclimate, resulting in wind reduction (with less fruit-rub), more stable growing temperatures, and enhanced colour. All in all, it creates a safe & ideal environment for the production of our fruit.

As a fruitgrower myself, I have worked closely with Netpro over many years covering my own orchards, so already had plenty of previous experience with their highly professional standards.

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Paul Winmill, Owner Winmill Caravans
Victoria 2003

Kevin Roberts, Manager/Director, Sandalwood Feedlot Pty Ltd, near Dalby, QLD
23rd January 2009.

We particularly liked the product offered by NetPro – high quality was our main criteria. The option of wooden posts was also an important feature because of the highly-corrosive conditions in the feedlot environment. We were able to work through the construction plan and the materials options during the quoting process.

After construction was completed, we had a couple of small issues, which NetPro worked through with us – the backup service was very good, and we are really happy with the result.

The most important outcome we sought was the provision of shade without the associated increase in pen maintenance costs. The NetPro product provides adequate shade with manageable pen maintenance. (We also have iron shade structures on site, so we can compare the two types very easily). The main advantage of the Netpro shade is that rain is evenly distributed.

Renato Andreatta, of Golden Valley Orchards Pty Ltd, Granite Belt (Stanthorpe) QLD
15th January 2009

In 2003, Golden Valley Orchards were offered the opportunity to work with the NCEA (National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture) and NetPro Pty Ltd on a research project evaluating the effectiveness of (amongst others) NetPro's dam-covers.

Renato says of his first impressions of the idea: "Evaporation is a pretty big problem - I thought it was definitely a good idea. The only problem was the expense: the cover cost two hundred thousand but we received a subsidy of eighty thousand."

The dam in question is the main dam for Golden Valley Orchards, holding some twenty-five million gallons (133ML), has a surface area of eight acres (3.3ha). The Golden Valley Orchards extend over 200 acres (83ha), irrigated from this dam and a couple of other smaller dams.

The dam cover was completed by November 2003. Five years down the track, Renato says "We are very happy with it (the cover). It reduces evaporation losses by over 90%, so you could say there was hardly any evaporation." This is tribute indeed, for according to the Bureau of Meteorology maps, the Stanthorpe region's average annual evaporation is higher than its average annual rainfall (evaporation 1600mm/year; rainfall 1000mm/year).

The net outcome for Golden Valley Orchards is "we have saved so much water that it's made a difference between having enough water and not", says Renato. He continues: "What do we lose here? Over meter a year? Look at that over four years: four meters over the surface area of the dam ... that's a lot of water!"

The original trial results have been reported by NCEA in 2005. An abridged copy of the report is available in our Library.

Susan & Terry Giacosa, Owners, Applethorpe, QLD
December 2002

Mr Robert Channon, owner of Robert Channon Wines said in respect of his canopy bird-netting, installed in 2001: On 22 August 2007

I think it has made all the difference to the quality of our product – it has saved us from bird attack and from hail damage." Since 2001, Robert Channon Wines have won 23 trophies, 17 gold medals, 26 silver and 55 bronze medals.


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