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NETPRO PTY LTD has continued its growth from humble beginnings over a two decades ago (incorporation in 1992) to become the leader in design, supply and installation of Protective Canopy Systems.

The company's success has been built on its dedication to the research and development of the systems and products Netpro has become synonymous with. NetPro makes every effort to ensure the protective structure will fulfill all of the purposes required by the customer and works closely with them during the design stage to plan the best result possible. During construction, NetPro managers remain in contact with the customer and upon completion of the project, we value feedback on the whole experience.

NETPRO originally began installation of hail-proofing structures in the Stanthorpe area, as demand was high for suitable permanent protection against the annual hail-storms. Stanthorpe has a high value industry of stonefruit and apples, as well as being well-known as a Queensland wine-production region. In fact, the Granite Belt is the only area in Queensland to produce apples: creating a gross value of approximately $35m per annum (DPI&F 2006). Agriculture is the largest employer in the area, which boasts a vibrant and diverse horticultural sector.

NETPRO remains loyal to its roots and has built its Headquarters in Stanthorpe, in rural SE Queensland, Australia. The offices, warehouse and workshops all provide support and materials to the teams in the field, as well as enabling the wholesale supply side to operate efficiently. We also maintain a purpose built Research & Development facility to enable the testing of our products and installation techniques and to develop the skills of our staff.

The benefits of remaining in Stanthorpe are many and varied. The relatively harsh climate and the surrounding horticultural industry provide access to numerous research and development opportunities and sites and the demand for protective canopies remains strong. NetPro provides permanent employment for many locals, as well as employing staff at its various construction sites around Australia. Located on the New England Highway, Stanthorpe is also an excellent location for logistics north and south to major construction projects, our contractors, wholesale distributors and to retail customers.

The company's attention to detail and belief that 'every structure installed is an advertisement of the company’s professionalism', has ensured its standing in the market place. Our wealth of experience, gained over more than two decades of successfully completed structures in both Australia and New Zealand, has meant we can offer growers the best option by way of operational practicality, design aesthetics and structural longevity.

Over the years, NetPro has worked with industry and the Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries (now DEEDI) on numerous research projects. Results and published reports from this research can be obtained to assist in assessing the benefits and economics of installing a protective canopy system.

Our dedication and long-standing reputation in this industry has also enabled Netpro to network with the insurance and banking industries. The success of our systems has given these industries the confidence to offer financial assistance when a client is looking at the feasibility of a fully installed protective canopy system. Every year, Netpro supports and attends numerous industry events – more detail can be found on our ‘recent news' page.

Our networking also extends to our suppliers. High quality Netting, Shadecloth, Cable, Wire and Accessories used in our structures are all developed in partnership with our suppliers to create the right materials for the job. Netpro has a number of Exclusive Distribution Agreements for the supply of products used in this industry and these extend to our distribution partners.

While NetPro can freight materials anywhere in Australia, NetPro products can also be obtained through our distribution partners – more details can be found on our ‘contact/ find us' map page.

NetPro has also established its own Engineering workshop at our Stanthorpe headquarters. The engineering talent and facilities now available allow for manufacture of many of our specialized tools and machinery. The engineering workshop has enabled new facets on our designs and also continues to provide engineering support to our field-teams. This is particularly important in improving the efficiency and safety aspects of our field operations.

NetPro offers a total solution for making protection of your income source easy and affordable. Services can be utilized in isolation or as part of a package. Our services cover: Consultation and Design, Supply of Materials, Project Supervision and Construction, Canopy Structure Maintenance and Repairs. More details can be found in the relevant sections of this site.

Although located in rural Queensland, NetPro’s designs and installation expertise have drawn interest from markets globally.

So, when you are thinking of canopy protection systems, THINK NETPRO.


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As major investors in the Australian horticulture industry, Rewards Group Ltd needs to ensure maximized returns on all funds invested, particularly in orchard infrastructure. Accordingly, our choice of contractors is critical to the final success of any project.

Bill Hatton - Rewards Group Ltd.

We currently have 250 acres of net – about 80% of our orchard area. Without the protective canopy, we wouldn’t be able to supply our market requirements. Quality is important to us and we wouldn’t be able to meet the specifications of our customers without net.

Dino Rizzato - I&L Rizzato & Sons t/a Moonlight Orchards

We particularly liked the product offered by NetPro – high quality was our main criteria. The option of wooden posts was also an important feature because of the highly-corrosive conditions in the feedlot environment. We were able to work through the construction plan and the materials options during the quoting process.

Kevin Roberts - Sandalwood Feedlot Pty Ltd

We chose NetPro to construct our protective canopies, as we know NetPro have been around for some time, we know their work and there are plenty of examples of their work around – we like the consistency of standard. In addition, NetPro are recognized by the Finance bodies, and it is much easier to get finance for a structure.

Mark Chapman

I think it has made all the difference to the quality of our product – it has saved us from bird attack and from hail damage." Since 2001, Robert Channon Wines have won 23 trophies, 17 gold medals, 26 silver and 55 bronze medals.

Mr Robert Channon - Robert Channon Wines

We live in North Queensland and have a nine metre pool. We needed to replace the pool cover but most local businesses we contacted wanted to replace it with a shade sail and the one quote we received to fabricate a new cover to our design seemed exceedingly high.

Owen & Diane Cheetham - Townsville

In 2003, Golden Valley Orchards were offered the opportunity to work with the NCEA (National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture) and NetPro Pty Ltd on a research project evaluating the effectiveness of (amongst others) NetPro's dam-covers.

Renato Andreatta - Granite Belt

"I think it has made all the difference to the quality of our product – it has saved us from bird attack and from hail damage." To date, Robert Channon Wines have won 23 trophies, 17 gold medals, 26 silver and 55 bronze medals since 2001."


Initially the idea of the net canopy over the landfill was discussed with Netpro as they are a local company and at the time Netpro was considering advancing into this area (protection of landfills). Netpro assisted Council with a very reasonable price which allowed the project to proceed.

Scott Cobon - Manager, Built Environment

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